Moving into an assisted living community offers all sorts of advantages— from rich social interactions to maintenance free living, to health care service around the clock.  Assisted living is perfect for seniors who require some assistance, but still want a certain level of independence. 

And while there are plenty of things about assisted living that are wonderful, one of the most challenging aspects for many residents is transitioning from living in a big home.

When you’re used to living with a certain amount of square footage, downsizing to a smaller living space can be an abrupt change. However, with the right tips and planning, you can ensure that your transition is successful. Here are some of the best tips out there for finding yourself in assisted living after living previously in a larger home.

Get Organized 

When you look at all of your belongings in your large home it can feel impossible to imagine living any other way. Initially you may even feel emotional about the idea of having to purge some of your beloved items!

However, you’ll find that if you start making lists of what you actually need, it’ll be easier to get rid of a lot of things than you realize. Get organized and start making lists. From what you plan on donating to selling, to moving with you, breaking down the process into a manageable list will make it seem like less monumental of a job. The more organized you are the less you’ll feel pressed for time and stressed.

Embrace Minimalism

When you’ve been living a maximalist lifestyle for so long, switching to a minimalist one may seem downright absurd. However, the more you start to understand the science and philosophy behind minimalism, the more appealing it will start to sound. 

Minimalism is all about living with the bare essentials with just enough of what you need. It offers simplicity, and greater organization. Instead of having to dig through piles of stuff, you know exactly where everything is making a tidy living space easier than ever. Ultimately, minimalists focus on simple elements rather than overwhelming ones. It offers freedom from feeling overwhelmed from your living space, and freedom from your things owning you instead of you owning them.


While you may not be able to bring all of your belongings from your larger space into your smaller one, you can bring what will replicate it the most. Personalize your new living space with key items from your prior home. Perhaps it’s family photos, or art you really enjoy. The more you can sprinkle in memories from your old home, the more familiar your new living space will feel, and the more it will feel like an homage to your previous home!

Remember, nobody said transitioning from a big home to an assisted living facility was going to be easy. There will be a period of adjustment of course, but with the right planning and willingness to embrace change, you’ll embrace the new chapter of your life with enthusiasm.

Bailey Luis