Whether you’re redesigning an older property or starting fresh in a new build you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to realise your dreams and produce the home you’ve always wanted. A key component of any dream home is the master bedroom suite, and we’ll look at how you can utilise modern design solutions to make a bedroom fit for a king. If you’ve dreamed of a fantastically large bed or want a luxury walk-in closet, we’ll discuss how best to fit all the fixtures you want in the space available.

The Planning Stage

When you design any room in the home the most important step in the planning stage, when you are thinking of revamping your bedroom there are essential items to consider, these are-

  • Budget – always try to stay within the available costs in any project.
  • Layout – make sure the fixtures you want will fit in the available space.
  • Colour Scheme – Light colours uplift mood and maximise space.
  • Bedroom fixtures – choosing the right bed, lighting, and flooring.

If your able to change the floorplan of the building itself, you might fit in an ensuite bathroom or the aforementioned walk-in wardrobe, but this may leave you short of space elsewhere or cost you a bedroom. Use floorspace planners that are available online to maximise your space and plan the layout of your new bedroom and make changes where needed.

Choosing The Right Fixtures

After deciding on the layout and colour for your new bedroom it’s essential to choose fixtures and fittings that complement each other. Consider what mode of storage space you’re going to use, fitted bedroom furniture is expensive but is a very efficient use of space, if you are not making that choice do try to match the furniture where possible. When choosing your bedframe pick one that suits your needs, divans with hidden storage draws are a great idea if you short of space. The bedframe should always fit in with the overall scheme so choose accordingly. Don’t forget to focus on both the lighting and flooring, creating the right amount of light will uplift your mood and a plush carpet can complete the luxury feel.

By following these easy steps you’ll have a great chance to create the perfect balance of style and function, that is both a practical space and a beautiful bedroom to spend time in. Ensure you take your time to plan it correctly and you can easily turn your bedroom into the one of your dreams.

Bailey Luis