Your kitchen cabinet can certainly change the overall appearance of your kitchen style & You will surely love to have Woodmont Cabinetry in your dream kitchen.

In this article, we are talking about different types of Woodmont cabinets for your kitchen. 

  • Shaker

This kind of shaker-style will consist of 5 pieces of flat-panel, that creates frame with 4 pieces and with single flat center panel as the 5th piece.

This is one of the popular trends due to classic and simple look that they can offer to either traditional or contemporary kitchen design.

  • Louvered

This kind of louvered kitchen cabinets will come with few horizontal wooden slats, and also with hefty price tag too.

You can see this typical design from your windows. With its interior doors, furniture pieces and louvered cabinets can add unique style in your kitchen cabinetry.

  • Slab or flat-panel 

This flat-panel, simple kitchen cabinet doors can be very stylish. They offer hard lines with minimalist form and will lack any expensive detail.

For both contemporary as well as modern kitchens, appearance of this simple flat-panel cabinet will surely make a great fit.

  • Inset

Inset-style cabinets usually are having inside cabinet frame, inset door set instead of outside like typical cabinet door.

Each door will be designed and built by using precise measurements for ensuring the wood will sit inside frame and can open and closes properly.

  • Distressed

If you are looking for antique-style kitchen design then go for such distressed cabinets with drawers. Such distressed-looking cabinets may come in any style of door with corners rubbed off

  • Beadboard

Beadboard cabinetry will offer more dynamic look in comparison with few other styles, like flat kitchen cupboards.

This kind of look of these beads will give this style of cabinet door a texture which will be perfect for country farmhouse or any cottage style kitchen.

  • Thermofoil

These cabinets are usually molded out of MDF which is then wrapped with plastic coating and then baked under heat to get sealed.

With this process, it makes them cost-effective and durable kitchen cabinetry. Also, remember this type of cabinet designs can be little inexpensive too.

  • Custom

If no other style and design of kitchen cabinet door will really work for your kitchen, then custom cabinets will be the only answer.

Better you contact with local designer/craftsperson and create your own cabinet design, as per your own personal choice.

There is no denying that Vancouver kitchen cabinets are an important part of any home. They provide a space for storage, while also providing a visual element to the decor and style of the room. There are many different designs, sizes, and quality that can be found in the market today.

Bailey Luis