The UK summer is fading, as we move into autumn and the garden suddenly becomes more of a liability, as we move indoors for our rest and relaxation. This is the time to call up your local garden maintenance contractor and add your property to his growing list, which ensures that essential pruning is carried out and the yard is always neat and tidy.

Tailored to suit the customer

When you make an arrangement with the local garden company in Liss, you get to decide on what garden maintenance includes. You might, for example, enjoy mowing the lawn, in which case this can be omitted from the list; here are a few jobs that would be included in a monthly garden makeover.

  • Tree & shrub pruning
  • Cutting the grass
  • Tending the flower beds
  • Power washing the patio
  • Sweeping leaves

The team would have all the tools they need to carry out all of the above tasks and you can schedule a visit every week, 10 days or fortnight.

Green Garden Waste

There is always green waste when gardening and your local garden maintenance company would recycle all green waste, keeping things eco-friendly. There’s no way you can stuff leaves and grass-cuttings into a black bag and expect the rubbish collector to take it, but when you commission your local garden maintenance firm, they remove all waste, leaving your garden looking great.

Prior to the winter, you should have the garden tended by a local garden maintenance team, then it will be ready for the freezing weather.

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